Arsenic in Rice-based Pet Food

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Is rice healthy for cats and dogs?

Rice is a common ingredient in both pet food and also included in home made diets. When your dog has diarrhea, a common recommendation is to feed chicken and rice.

What Are The Risks Of Rice-Based Pet Food?

The problem with most rice is that it contains arsenic. Even organic rice contains arsenic, and brown rice has more arsenic in it than white rice.

Arsenic is a known carcinogen and linked to many types of cancer.

Where did the arsenic come from? Many blame our farming practices from the 1950s, where arsenic was a common contaminant in pesticides. The arsenic in the soil never fully goes away, but is instead absorbed by the plant.

If you are going to feed your pet rice as part of a homemade meal, the best choice will be Basmati rice grown in either California, India or Pakistan.

To read more about arsenic in rice, see this article here:

Is Arsenic In Rice-Based Pet Food Dangerous?

Are dogs that eat rice-based diets exposed to arsenic? From this new study, the answer appears to be yes:

And while it appears that the arsenic affecting the dogs eating rice diets is below toxic levels, it may still be causing unseen problems:

“Even though the legal safety limit
of total As content might not be surpassed in most pet
foods, iAs is considered a non-threshold carcinogen
and any exposure constitutes a health risk.”

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