How to Make a Flower Essence

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In the previous post, we talked about Edward Bach – the man who discovered flower essences. He used morning flower dew to make these essences. Flower dew is the result of a molecular reaction between the sun, a plant and water. As you can imagine, however, collecting morning flower dew in high quantities to make flower essences would be a tedious endeavor.

And so today, most people make flower essences using flowers, spring water in a bowl and sunlight. If you prefer to buy your essences, the links are provided at the end of this article. However, even if you don’t end up making your own essences, you may still be curious about how they are made.

When I took my first class on making flower essences, I was a bit surprised and taken aback by this process. “This is it?”-I thought. It is so simple. My scientific brain was also skeptical- Could sun-infused flower water really have an impact on our emotions? At the same time, while I was taking this class, I was having many cases of animals healing and getting better with these remedies. In some instances, the animals had such a profound turn-around that the owners asked me what “drug” I gave to their pet. They could not believe that this effect was due to a treatment called a “flower essence.”

But do not discount the power of flower essences for the simplicity of the process to make them. There is still a lot that we don’t understand about this treatment. For me, their existence and their effects on my animal patients opened up a pandora’s box of questions: If sun-infused flower water can possible heal emotional imbalances, what else is out there in our world we don’t know about? What mechanism would explain how they work? In the next post, I will look at scientific explanations that may give us some insight into these questions.

But for now, enjoy this short tutorial on how to make a flower essence:

Making a Flower Essence

Any flower can be used to make an essence. Every flower has its own healing abilities. If you want to know what emotion a particular flower treats, you can easily search for the answer online, or look in one of many books written on this topic.

Step 1. Find your flowers.

Step 2. Fill a Glass Bowl with Spring or Rain Water.

Step 3. Cut the Flowers so that they land inside the bowl of water. It is recommended not to touch the flowers with your hands when making an essence.

Step 4. Place the water bowl with the flowers in direct sunlight for 3-5 hours.

Step 5. After the flowers have sat in the sun for the allotted time, pour the water into a clean container, straining out the flowers. This water is now called your Mother Tincture. Preserve the Mother tincture with equal parts Brandy.

Step 6. Prepare a second bottle with 75% Spring Water and 25% Brandy. Add 5-6 drops of mother tincture per 1 oz. of liquid. Shake the bottle vigorously hitting the palm of your hand- a method in homeopathy called “to succuss.”

This is now your Stock Tincture. Stock tincture is usually what is sold in stores and what the flower essence practitioner has on the shelf. Stock tincture is more appropriate for acute situations. As a veterinarian, we often use stock tincture in the veterinary clinic. If an animal is stressed- we give a few drops of stock tincture of Rescue Remedy, for example.

Step 7. Lastly, we create the Dosage Tincture. Prepare a small glass bottle and fill with 75% Spring Water and 25% brandy. Add 5 drops of Stock Tincture per 1 ounce of liquid. Success the bottle as described in step 6.

You can combine multiple flower essences into a dosage tincture. Some practitioners prefer to limit the number to less than 6. With some animals, I have given as many as 12 with no ill effects. If I know that I may not have another chance to help the animal, then I will use more essences to cover more bases.

However, on certain occasions, treating too many emotions at once can be overwhelming for a person or a pet. If you are new to flower essences, it is better to start with less.

Most people buy flower essences instead of make them.

Here are some of my favorite companies that sell flower essences:

  1. The Flower Essence Society
  2. Alaskan Flower Essences
  3. The Original Bach Flower Remedies
  4. The Desert Alchemy Flower Essences

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Otherwise, on to our next post! Where we look at the eleven most common flower essences for pets.

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